About me

My name is Rawand Younes and I’m 30 years old. I’m married and I’ve been together with my wife since we were in high school and together we have a little son. I wish I could tell you I have done weddings all my life but I did my first wedding in 2019 for a friend and consider myself fortunate to have documented more than 25 weddings in total both as an associate videographer and as my own. I live north of Stockholm but I really love to travel as some of my weddings has been abroad. If there was an award for best third wheeler, I would´ve won that, so don’t hesitate to bring me on your elopements aswell.

I’m the best wedding videographer in the world according to my mom but my dad wants me to add more explosions and effects on my videos so I’m not the best yet according to him. On the other hand, it’s thanks to him I started as a videographer because he gave me my first camera when I was 10 years old. Whenever I saw something nice, I just pressed record and for someone who’s always behind the lens, it feels like I’m telling a story from my perspective. Videos capture a whole lot more and gives another vibe than photos. It captures voices, movement, feelings, sounds and much more. My style can be described as ‘’non-staged’’ where I see myself more as a spectator than a director as the special moments cannot be recreated.

While filming I’ll try to blend in with the guest or hide behind the bushes, not as creepy as it sounds, just so you don’t feel the pressure of being filmed. In that way I capture the real you.

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